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Eating Real Food At The Potato Project

The humble baked potato is on my menu at least once or twice a month – they’re easy to make, can be paired with pretty much anything and are tasty, so when I was invited to try one of the gourmet baked potatoes at The Potato Project in Soho, by the cafe founder, Ksenia Karpenko, I didn’t need much convincing!

Nestled in a little side street, The Potato Project, hopes to show Londoners that the unpretentious potato can be more than just something you have with beans.  While I already knew that, I was so excited to see the mouth-watering combinations on offer at the cafe.  Customers can choose from ‘a twist on a classic’ fillings or ‘something a little different’ fillings.

The classic fillings include combinations such as; ‘tuna mayonnaise, roast corn & pickled red onion’ and ‘borlotti beans, tomatoes & mature cheddar cheese’, and the something different fillings include combinations I had never thought of such as; ‘moussaka jacket potato’, ‘Autumn wild mushroom, spinach, blue cheese & truffle oil’ and ‘pulled BBQ duck, mozzarella & sesame seeds’.

I honestly struggled to choose a filling and in the end settled on the pulled BBQ duck potato (the moussaka potato would have been my second choice) with a side of half loaded avocado and a flat white coffee.  The meal arrived beautifully presented and smelt delicious!  As for the potato itself, it was easily one of the best baked potatoes that I have ever had.  It was big, the duck was juicy and there was a generous amount of cheese on top.  It certainly ticked all the boxes for me.

The Potato Project is the perfect Central London lunch-stop, it’s fresh, filling, quick and affordable.  I wish it had been around when I used to work in Soho (I would have been in there at least twice a week without fail – I used to get so tired of eating at Pret and EAT!).

For those of you who are based in other parts of the city, The Potato Project also has a small cafe in Boxpark Croydon, is available on Deliveroo and will be opening more cafes across the city soon.

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