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Decompressing My Spine With The FeetUp® Trainer


When it comes to back pain and sciatica, I am fast becoming an expert! Having suffered from a slipped disc, and thus sciatica pain earlier this year, I’ve been looking into ways to reduce the pain and encourage my spine to decompress.  An effective way of reducing sciatic nerve pain is through elongating my spine, which can be done through yoga poses such as downward dog with bent legs, child’s pose, mountain pose, wheel pose, chair pose, cat pose and big toe pose.


For a more adventurous way of decompressing my spine, I use my FeetUp® Trainer (£117).  The FeetUp® Trainer is a wonderful yoga prop, designed to assist inverted poses, bodyweight fitness and inner balance, however, I spend most of my time using it to elongate my spine as all of the pressure while inverted is on my shoulders, so my head and neck are free.  It’s solid and safe to use (it can hold up to 120kg), and I use it to relax upside down for up to a minute each time.

The outcome from repeated use has made a huge difference to the health of my back (and core!).  My sciatic pain has reduced 10-fold and my back feels longer and stronger.  On top of that, the inversions help to soothe my mind and relieve stress.  I’ve even been having some fun using the FeetUp® Trainer to practice a range of yoga poses on, take a look here for inspiration.

Buy your FeetUp® Trainer here.


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