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Morena Morena: Everyday and Everywhere

morena-morena-feb-2017-5Six months ago I was introduced to a beautiful footwear brand, Morena Morena (read about my first pair of Morena Morena’s here).  As far as beauty, style, comfort, function & luxury feel go, Morena Morena have absolutely hit the nail on the head.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

I was recently sent across a new pair of Morena Morena’s to try and I have fallen in love all over again!  This time I have the gorgeous Silver snakeskin print Lucia pointed toe shoes (£128) and they are hands down my new favourite shoes.  I love the versatility of them, they look fabulous with skinny jeans and in the summer, I’ll be wearing them with my shorts and dresses.

Anyone who already knows the Morena Morena brand, will know that their attention to detail is what really sets them apart from other footwear brands.  From the moment the shoes arrive, the unboxing, the look and feel of the shoes, the finish of the shoes and finally, the comfort and versatility of the shoes.

Take a look at my Morena Morena unboxing video shot last weekend, pre-Afternoon Tea, at The Mondrian London:

My new Lucia shoes were packaged with so much care and attention, I almost didn’t want to take them out of the box (although I did because I couldn’t wait to see them!).  I’m a big fan of presentation and the whole experience of opening new shoes (I don’t want a pair of shoes which just fall out of their box!).  I loved that the shoes were individually wrapped and came with their own little dust bag.  The shoes feature:

  • A soft sports insole for impact protection
  • Low heel to provide support and prevent back pain
  • Inner lining in fine sheep skin leather for a comfortable touch
  • A natural foldable outsole which is coloured
  • A beautiful scent to provide a pleasant and clean experience at all times

morena-morena-feb-2017-2As soon as I put them on, I felt special.  The shoes molded to my feet and felt really comfortable without me having to ‘break them in’ first.  They also smelt like fresh peaches (I’m not joking!), this may sound strange, but trust me, it’s a sweet scent which goes perfectly with the shoes.  The shoes go immaculately with my neutral wardrobe, adding a little something extra and more exciting.

Something a few people have asked me is, how durable are the shoes?  The answer – Very durable! My other Morena Morena shoes have endured London rain and Antiguan beaches, and are still in perfect condition.  FYI – in case you didn’t see, here are the other pair of Morena Morena’s that I own, the Pink Ella square toes (£128):

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Morena Morena is a shoe brand that I really want to see more of.  The truth is high heels are simply damaging for our backs and limiting (having suffered from back pain – I know a lot about this topic!), so to see beautiful, comfortable flat shoes is always exciting.  I know I can pretty much go everywhere in these shoes, I can walk and run, I can go up & down stairs without clinging onto the railing for dear life (a common sight when I’m in high heels) and I know they look good because I always get so many compliments when wearing them.

For more Morena Morena inspiration, take a look at their online lookbook here and treat yourself to a pair.morena-morena-feb-2017-3


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