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Zalando: From High Street To High End

I must admit, I do not do a lot of online clothes shopping because from past online shopping fails; I prefer to shop in person, so I can try things on, feel the fabrics and compare different items.  However, Zalando, the online shopping website, which is home to thousands of brands (over 1,500!) from high street to high end, has changed my stance on online clothes shopping.

Zalando offers Europe’s largest selection of clothes, accessories and shoes online for men, women, children and every occasion, mixing popular British high street brands with high end designers and fresh, independent labels.  I recently went online and ordered the following items:

  • Nike Sports Vest (22.99)
  • Missguided Jumper dress (£19.99)
  • Dorothy Perkins Jumper dress (£24.99)
  • Adidas Cat Suit (£37.49)
  • Closet Summer Dress (£38.49)
  • GAP Leggings (£29.99)
  • GAP Long Sleeved Sports Top (£34.99)
  • Lascana Jumpsuit (£32.99)

zalando-2The entire process of browsing for items (they have a fantastic dress section and yoga section) and ordering was quick and importantly simple.  My clothes were securely delivered 48 hours later via a tracked parcel delivery service and each item was individually wrapped.

As soon as I had unwrapped everything, I tried it all on for size and fit. Every single item fit like a glove! That was my first surprise. Secondly, I was happy with the fabrics and feel of each item. Thirdly, all the items I chose were flattering and easy to wear.


Wearing the Closet Summer Dress at Catherine’s Restaurant in Antigua last week

The standout item was definitely the Closet Summer Dress, which I wore to Catherine’s Restaurant in Antigua last week.  Everyone complimented me on how eye-catching and pretty the dress is.  The dress was perfect for the occasion and I felt very princess-y in it.

The Dorothy Perkins Jumper Dress was also a big success and I wore it to the I Post Therefore I Am Gala in Belgravia last month.  I chose it because I wanted to wear something elegant and feminine, without showing too much skin.  Again, lots of people complimented me on my dress and no one could believe it when I said it was from Dorothy Perkins!


Wearing the Lascana Jumpsuit at Sheer Rocks in Antigua last week

The khaki Lascana Jumpsuit was perfect for Sunday Tapas at Sheer Rocks in Antigua, it was soft and loose, so I could eat lots without it showing :), really comfortable and made my tan look darker.  It’s my new beach-to-restaurant go-to item, it’s versatile and easy to dress up or down.

Finally, I wore the lovely Adidas Cat Suit, Nike Vest and GAP Leggings, when I was teaching yoga at World Travel Market last month.  The Adidas Cat Suit is really feminine and flattering, the Nike Vest has cute detailing on the back and the GAP Leggings are among the most comfortable that I own (though I must confess, I already have the same leggings in 3/4 length, so I knew they would be wonderful!).  Additionally, I wear the Gap Long Sleeved Sports Top at least once a week, it’s become a staple for the Winter months when I need to layer up without the bulk.  The final item of clothing, which I’m saving for my next party, is the Missguided Jumper Dress – so keep an eye on my Instagram account for that!

All-in-all, using Zalando has been a breeze and I’ll definitely be logging on again to order more clothes.  There’s so much to choose from, you can personalise your shopping feed, deliveries are free whether you buy one item or ten, all budgets are accommodated for, returns are free for up to 100 days, and shopping is safe & secure – what more could you ask for?


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