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MINTD Box: Keeping Me Beautiful Throughout The Party Season


The Christmas Edition of MINTD Box recently landed on my door step, just in time for the Festive Party season! This month’s subscription box is packed full of luxury beauty products to ensure you stay beautiful before, during and after partying. And if you don’t party, you’ll simply shimmer through the Christmas season looking gorgeous!


Packaged neatly inside my MINTD Box are six must-have party season beauty products:

  1. Siskyn: Luxe Frankincense & Jasmine Night Facial Oil (£58)
  2. Ioma: Fresh Gel Eye Makeup Remover (£20)
  3. Wildheart Organics: Sanctuary Candle (£12)
  4. Ellis Faas: Milky Lips in L202 (Dark Blood) (£23)
  5. Anne Semonin: Cream Mask (£42)
  6. Anne Semonin: Face Mask Brush (£20)


As a reminder, MINTD Box include only the best beauty products from some of their favourite high end brands stocked in Harrods, Space.NK & SelfridgesMINTD Box believe you should be putting only the best & most innovative ingredients on your skin so they bring you the highest quality beauty products on the market.


From hassle free makeup remover, statement lips, luxurious skincare to get you glowing & a calming aromatherapy candle to help you unwind, MINTD Box have got you covered.  I’ve had a look at what other Beauty Subscription Box companies are offering and MINTD Box stands out thanks to their commitment to go above and beyond, seeking out special, high-end products which are loved by everyone.

See below for detailed information about each product in the Christmas edition of MINTD Box:

  1. Siskyn: Luxe Frankincense & Jasmine Night Facial Oil (£58): This is 100% organic and works as an intensive overnight skin boosting treatment oil.  It contains a rich blend of 17 certified organic luxurious, highly active, botanical oils. Blended with the amazing, vitamin rich Organic Rosehip for its antioxidant properties to help combat free radical damage and to increase collagen production plus soothing and calming Organic Calendula and collagen boosting Organic Baobab to aid skin maintenance.  If you are new or wary of trying face oils this is an perfect place to start. This blend has the highest linoleic acid content of all the Siskyn face oils, producing a blend genuinely excellent for all skin types. As a night time oil, blended with a slightly slower absorption rate than the Siskyn day oils, it will leave your skin feeling balanced and nourished by morning. It’s all the extra beauty sleep you need!
  2. Ioma: Fresh Gel Eye Makeup Remover (£20): Keep eyes and lashes protected and clean with this gel, designed specifically to soothe, remove and unburden. A thorough cleanser that also works to strengthen and support the eyes, the natural exfoliating properties of this salve dissolve and eliminate impurities, refreshing and resting the eye perimeter. Based on a Widelash premise, the exclusive formula helps to increase volume, length and strength of lashes, allowing full defence and fixture.
  3. Wildheart Organics: Sanctuary Candle (£12): This Sanctuary blend is the ultimate stress & anxiety relieving therapy candle, let this blend lift the weight of the world from your shoulders. The 21 essential oils are selected to calm and restore harmony to the mind and spirit. 100% natural, non toxic with only pure essential oils. The heart of the fragrance is exotic jasmine, chamomile & floral geranium, whilst calming rosewood and patchouli bring soothing base notes to the blend.
  4. Ellis Faas: Milky Lips in L202 (Dark Blood) (£23): Milky Lips is a long-lasting fluid lipstick that provides rich ‘Dark Blood’ colour and a glossy finish. Blended with Vitamin E, Candelilla Wax and Prune Seed Extract to plump, smooth and hydrate your lips. This lipstick is especially loved by women who dislike feeling the lipstick they are wearing. The sleek, pen applicator will fit perfectly in any makeup collection whilst the luxurious formula is free from parabens, fragrances and flavours and suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types.
  5. Anne Semonin: Cream Mask (£42): This mask works to relieve sensitive, dry and irritated skin types. Containing white kaolin clay, the velvety face mask will help to clear the complexion. Vitamin E and oarweed extract rebalance and nourish the skin and replenish its moisture levels. Together, these ingredients will help to protect your skin against the elements and slow down the ageing process.
  6. Anne Semonin: Face Mask Brush (£20): This applicator brush for masks ensures an even application every time. With super soft bristles that won’t fall out and a long, comfortable handle, this brush is the ideal tool to minimise the spreading of bacteria from hands to face as well as smoothing out your face mask.

The Christmas edition of MINTD Box truly has something to please everyone.  I think MINTD Box provides that monthly dose of luxury that you (and your skin deserves).  It’s a fantastic way to discover new brands and try new products which you might not have thought about using.  The savings are also really impressive, with a combined value of £175 this month’s box has enormous savings of £110 and can be yours for just £65

Take a look at the MINTD Box website for more boxes and information.  

10% off your first box when you sign up with this promo code: 10OFF1ST

Read about the ‘Sleep’ themed October 2016 edition of MINTD Box, which I also reviewed.       


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