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O-Food: Making Everyday Eating Extraordinary

IMG_20150606_140308I was recently invited to review O-food, a Scandinavian sandwich bar that aims to make everyday eating an extraordinary experience. While I was already expecting the food to be delicious, having done a little search on the bar beforehand, I didn’t expect to be completely wowed and charmed!


Situated in Old Spitalfields Market, a stone’s throw away from Liverpool Street station, O-food offers a healthy, planet-friendly menu, developed with the help of two Michelin starred Scandanivian chefs and includes only carefully sourced ingredients and lots of love – an honest approach that makes a delicious difference.  O-food can proudly reel off exactly where all their ingredients come from. In a time when processed and unsustainable fast food is widely considered the normal choice, O-food find delight in serving sincere and incredibly tasty sandwiches with a clear conscience. Nothing is added without reason and the food speaks for itself.


On my visit to the sandwich bar, I was with fellow London lifestyle blogger, Inna from Start Up Your Happiness, and we ordered the ‘V10’ salad (£4.95 / £5.95 in), ‘Naked Prawn Star’ salad (£5.75 / £6.90 in), ‘Bello’ sandwich (£4.50), ‘Gron’ sandwich (£5.50) and roast potato wedges (£2.45).  We pretty much shared everything and ordered the ‘Green’ juice (£3.50) and ‘Almost Orange’ juice (£3.50) to drink.


The food was incredible! The ‘Bello’ sandwich was packed full, containing a herb baked Portobello mushroom, pickled red cabbage, Spanish Guindilla chillies, roast pepper relish and parsley pesto, all between a tasty sourdough roll. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a sandwich that’s so delicious!  Likewise, the ‘Gron’ sandwich was also very good with it’ warm falafel rosti filling.  The salads were big and full of vegetables and seeds. Check out the fantastic menu here.


I spoke with Jens Hannibal, Co-Founder of O-food, who was absolutely passionate about good food with an honest source.  He explained that his plan was to expand O-food, and open more bars around London and globally, with a goal to combine scale with purpose to maximise positive impact.  I am certainly looking forward to seeing more bars across London!

Jens Hannibal, Co-Founder of O-food

Jens Hannibal, Co-Founder of O-food

O-Food is perfect for people who want nutritious, tasty food and care about how it’s made.  My advice – go hungry! Portion sizes are generous and you’ll want to try a bit of everything!


O-food Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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