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Adventure Yogi: Rejuvenation Through Wellbeing Yoga

Unlike other activities, yoga cannot be rushed or forced.  Rushing through a yoga session is one of the worst things I can do, to the point that I’d rather not do it at all than do it half-heartedly, because it means that I don’t reap any of the benefits from the breathing exercises, internal sense of calm and mindful body movement. Depending on where I go, the yoga classes in London are on average 60-90 minutes long, and naturally, I find that the longer the class, the more intense and satisfying my experience is.  So when the chance to attend Adventure Yogi’s WellbeingYogi yoga retreat in East Sussex was presented to me, I couldn’t say yes quicker.  The thought of practising 12 hours of yoga over the course of a three-day weekend filled me with both anticipation and delight.

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The classes on the Wellbeing Yogi yoga retreat programme are suitable for all abilities, from beginners to intermediate and advanced levels. Adventure Yogi works with a range of very experienced yoga teachers who are the best of the best and are well practiced at adapting classes for all levels. Morning sessions are a more dynamic practice, while the evening sessions are gentle with lots of stretching, meditation and relaxation.

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The yoga during my retreat was taught by Rachel Johnston, an inspiring and all-round amazing instructor with a strong dance background and a refreshing practical approach to yoga. Rachel has worked with Adventure Yogi for one year, and the retreat was her third for the company.  Rachel’s classes combined an appreciation for alignment with a real love of movement, while including more restorative practices where appropriate. All classes incorporated the philosophy of yoga – learning to be present, not on ‘automatic pilot’, so we could practice being fully alive in each moment of every day – not just on the mat!

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Rachel’s classes were without music, which I really liked as it helped me to focus on the yoga without being distracted.  The classes covered various breathing exercises, hand & shoulder joint exercises (to help with arm balances), core strength exercises, inversions, twisting, and forward bends & back bends.  She was careful to demonstrate step-by-step exactly how to do and how not to do each pose, which was incredibly helpful.

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By the end of the weekend, I felt that my yoga had improved immensely and most importantly, I felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated.  I am so grateful to Adventure Yogi for inviting me to the retreat to experience the Adventure Yogi way of yoga!  It was truly uplifting and something that every yoga lover in London should do at least once.

Upcoming Wellbeing Yogi yoga retreats include:
– December 5th – 7th | East Sussex-Stonegate with Carolina Smilas and Eloise Minton
– January 30th – February 1st | Oxfordshire
– February 13th – 15th | Oxfordshire
– February 20th – 22nd | Somerset
– April 3rd – 8th (Easter weekend) | Oxfordshire

Finally, check out the Adventure Yogi website and Twitter page for information on all of the other yoga holidays (BeachYogi ~ SnowYogi ~ DiveYogi ~ AlpineYogi ~ SurfYogi) and retreats on offer (DetoxYogi ~ ActiveYogi ~ AyurvedicYogi ~ NewYearYogi ~ AdvancedYogi).

Please also see here for more information on the Adventure Yogi range of yoga holidays and yoga retreats.

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unnamed(Love this photo of Barley, resident dog, who came to visit the yoga class!)


2 comments on “Adventure Yogi: Rejuvenation Through Wellbeing Yoga

  1. Taylor Hearts Travel
    January 20, 2015

    Wow, is that you doing those moves on the mat? Amazing! I’ve been trying to master the headstand for a while now. I’m almost there!

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