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Foxcroft & Ginger: Brunch worth going the extra mile for

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After tantalising the taste buds of Soho locals for the past few years, Foxcroft & Ginger  has expanded with a new site on Mile End Road, Whitechapel, East London.  I stopped by with London blogger, Inna, for a hearty Saturday brunch.

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The new café follows the same quirky industrial-chic design principles made famous at the Berwick Street site, vintage touches such as the mismatched crockery handpicked from various markets, give the room a cosy, charming feel.  Offering delicious brunches, sourdough-based pizzas, creative cocktails and exquisite coffee – every single item on the menu is freshly made in-house, with original recipes tweaked to perfection.

On arrival, we each ordered a lemon, honey and ginger tea, it was made with actual pieces of ginger with slices of lemon and a small jug of honey, making it so much more tastier and fresher than using a teabag.  In fact, it inspired me to do the same at home!

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For our brunch we both ordered the chorizo, peppers, slow roasted tomato, proper fried eggs and toast, and then to share, we ordered the mushrooms, slow roasted tomato, grilled polenta and truffled béchamel with sides of sourdough toast, smoked salmon and avocado.


First of all, I am so grateful that brunch incorporates two meals – we had enough food for four people – we couldn’t even fit all the plates on our table and had to use the table next to us!  Secondly, it was truly excellent!  A combination of the high quality ingredients and the talented kitchen team meant that the food was simply faultless.

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Usually with a new food venue, the service can be a little slow or there are other teething problems but the new Foxcroft and Ginger has hit the ground running.   It didn’t feel ‘new’ and I mean that in a good way – the service was friendly, the food both mouth-watering and served in generously sized portions, and the space beautiful.  The chorizo plate was a twist on the traditional fry-up, it was cooked just right and incredibly filling.  The polenta dish was delicate and flavoursome – the truffled béchamel was exceptionally luscious and it was the perfect accompaniment to the chorizo.  Quintin Dawson, co-owner of Foxcroft and Ginger, also kindly came over to our table to personally ensure we were enjoying ourselves.  Straightaway, we could see that he’s incredibly passionate about his business and offers a first rate experience at a more than reasonable price.

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Foxcroft & Ginger is a place where you can relax with good food and not feel pressured to pay up and move on.  The Soho branch has a cult following including the likes of Lily Cole, Anne Hathaway and Bill Nighy, and it certainly won’t be long before the Mile End Road branch has it’s own league of fans.

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