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FRAME Shoreditch: When being stretched to the limit is actually good for you

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When it comes to flexibility, you either use it or lose it. I choose to use it.  As a former ballet dancer, maintaining my flexibility is important and I try to fit in a few stretching sessions every week.  The benefits of stretching are well documented and include:

  • Improved flexibility, circulation and range of motion
  • Injury prevention and recovery
  • Improved posture and lengthened muscles
  • Stress relief

For Londoners who are also keen to maintain or improve their flexibility,  FRAME Shoreditch hosts an excellent monthly Splits Workshop.

I recently participated in one of the workshops and loved every minute of it!  Aided by the heat of a warm studio, I was treated to two hours of safe and progressive stretching, helping me to achieve long and lean muscles.

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Gede Foster, one of FRAME Shoreditch’s fabulous instructors, who ran the workshop, is probably the most bendy person I’ve ever come across and at the same time, really knows her business.  Not only is she buzzing with energy, she expertly tailored the workshop to suit the range of abilities present and made sure that everyone was stretched (safely) to their limit.

Whether you are flexible or can’t even touch your toes yet, this class is suitable.  I promise, you will leave feeling stretched to the max and no more, just the perfect amount!

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